2015 Stationery Lists

Stationery List 2015

      Year 7-8

Device - Chrome Book

iPad 2 or 3

iPad mini

Stationery List:

Pencil Case Items:

4 x 1B8 Exercise Books

2 x 1E8 Maths Books

2 x Kiwi Company Activities Book

1 x Clearfile

1 x packet of document wallets

1 x JAS Art Visual Diary A5 size for sketching

4 x Large Glue sticks (1 per term, spares to be stored at school)

4x Expo whiteboard pens

1x black vivid

If you have a device -1 X $20 iTunes Card (Preloaded)

Your child may already have most of these items - please check and top up as required.

Pencil Case

2 X 2H pencils,

Blue and Red pens,

1 ruler,

1 pair of scissors,

1 eraser,

Wite Out / Dry Erase- Correction tape


IF you happen to buy Faber Castell coloured pencils - Please keep and bring the points coupon to school.

- As prices are so cheap at the start of the year, an idea is to buy more pens / pencils / glue sticks etc than on the list and store them at home for later in the year.


Tiffany Kemp and Anna Cowie.

Stationery list 2015

Year 5/6


3 x 1B8

2 x 1E5- Maths

1 x 3B1 Spelling

2 x Kiwi Project Book- Inquiry

1 x Clearfile

Pencil Case

2 x Glue Stick (BIC or UHU brands)

5 pencils, 1 rubber, 1 pencil sharpener.

1 black vivid, 4 highlighters.

4 x blue pens, 2x red pens, 1x green pen.

2 x whiteboard pens.



Coloured pencils

One tub felt pens

If you have your own device please pre load your itunes account with $20 for use during the year.


Debbie Steel and Anne Batchelor

Stationery List 2015

Year 1-4

Last year we encouraged the children who had their own device to bring it to school to support their learning. This will continue in 2015.

New Entrant - Year 1 class 2015   Room 13

2 x 1F4 (Writing, spare)

1 x small ‘Learn to write’ book (Printing)

1 x 1A5 (Poetry)

2 x Warwick Project Book (Publishing & Reflection book)

3 x 2H Pencils*

2 x Blue Biro pens*

2 x Large Uhu gluesticks*

2 x Expo Whiteboard pens*

Year 2 class 2015 - Room 10:

Please ensure that all stationery is clearly named.

3 x 1F4 (Writing x 2,  Homework x 1)

1 x small LWB ‘Learn to write’ book (Printing)

1 x 1H4 Quad book (Maths)

2 x Clearfile (20 page) (1 x Poetry, 1 x Singing and Stories)

1 JAS Art Visual Art Diary A5 size for sketching

4 x 2H pencils*, 1 rubber*,  3 large glue sticks*, 2 x Expo whiteboard pens*

Year 3-4 class 2015 - Rooms 8 and 9:

5 x 1I5 (Writing x 2, Reading x 1, Handwriting/Spelling x 1, Homework x 1)

1 x 1H5 Quad book (Maths)

1 x JAS Art Visual Diary A5 size for sketching

2 x Warwick (or Kiwi) Project Book (Inquiry x 1, Reflection x 1) - must be good quality paper please

1 x Clearfile - 40 page (Music/Publishing/miscellaneous)

1 x clipboard

10 x 2H pencils*, 1 rubber*, 1 pencil sharpener*, 2 x blue biro pens*, 1 black vivid*, 3 large glue sticks*, 1 x 6B art pencil*,  1 x packet coloured pencils*

2 x Expo whiteboard pens*, 1 x yellow highlighter*, 1 x orange highlighter*, 1 x 30cm ruler (not bendy)*

* These items go into a general pool that the children share at their tables and are replaced as needed.

If your child has some unused or “just started” books from 2014 you are welcome to send them back to school with your child in 2015.

Devices:  We would love for our Year 3-4 students to have access to a device on a daily basis.  If you are considering purchasing a device feel free to contact Fiona, fionam@alexprim.school.nz, or Kylie, kylien@alexprim.school.nz for any advice : )