Meet our Team

Alexandra Primary School Team

Meet our team who are passionate about teaching and learning...

We strive ourselves on being current, creative, collaborative and we like to think outside the square.

Using technology, play based learning, project based learning and our natural environment and FUN to help shape our learners for the future!

Our school is run in 3 hubs check them out below!

Principal- On study leave 2020

Principal - Adele Gott -

Adele has won a study award for 2020 that see's her focusing on her own learning this year! We are very excited for her.

Acting Co Principals 2020

Melissa Gare and Fiona Mackley

We are excited with the opportunity to step up into the opportunity to lead Alexandra Primary in 2020. We are both passionate about making Alexandra Primary an environment in which children grow and thrive.

Junior Hub

Junior hub- Mokopuna e Tane- Years 0-3

This hub is run in whanau groupings. Which is a mix of year 0-3 children across the 4 classrooms. They teach across the classes with a focus on literacy and mathematical skills and creating deep learning through play and project based learning.

Christine Charteris - Release teacher

Jayne Battrick -

Alissa Tosswill-

Kylie Nixon (Team leader and Deputy Principal) -

Brittany Townsend-

Rachel Hope -

Middle Hub

Middle hub - Wai Tapu- Years 4-6

This hub is run with home room time in the morning with the year 4/5 together and then the year 6's together till morning tea, with a focus on growing literacy and mathematical skills. Then after morning tea working collaboratively on a project based inquiry which integrates all subject areas.

Lexi Hay -

Melissa Gare -

Bonni Ramage (Team leader) -

Anna Ballantine -

Senior Hub

Senior hub - Te Maunga- Year 7-8

This hub is run in two composite classes of year 7-8 both teachers work collaboratively together providing a teaching and learning environment that fosters leadership, building on skills, growing brains through real world contexts getting ready to transition to high school.

Rachel O'Connell (Team leader)-

Andre McLaren -