Handling a Concern

Alexandra Primary School Procedures - Handling a Concern


In accordance with the school's open door policy we need to be

responsive in handling complaints quickly and effectively.


(1) To set a procedure in place in the handling of complaints for parents.

(2) To maintain strong relationships between parents and the school.


The sequence for complaints:

  1. An appointment with the classroom teacher - Please phone the school or you can email the class teacher to make an appointment - (03) 448 8340

  2. If the matter is unresolved then an appointment with:

The leadership team:

Fiona Mackley (Acting Principal) - fionam@alexprim.school.nz

Kylie Nixon (Deputy Principal) - kylien@alexprim.school.nz

  • The Board of Trustees and Principal request that serious complaints be submitted in written form. All written complaints will be signed, any anonymous letters of complaint will not be dealt with.

  • Formal complaints concerning the Principal shall be referred in the first instance to the Board of Trustees, Chairperson - Kirk Pritchard - c/o Alexandra Primary School, Ventry Street, Alexandra (marked confidential).

  • Complaints that have been submitted in writing will be tabled (in committee) at the next Board meeting and handled as appropriate, in a confidential manner.

  • The Board and Principal will make every attempt to settle complaints in a calm unhurried manner and encourage a sensible exchange of views and a reasonable approach to problem solving.

The welfare of children is to be regarded as paramount in the handling of complaints.

A flow diagram of the Concerns & Complaints process is available below.