Our Learning

Welcome to Alexandra Primary School. We are a full primary school catering for students from Year 0 to Year 8, providing a well balanced curriculum meeting the social, emotional, academic and physical needs of our students. We have approximately 180 students across 8 classrooms.

The school is unique in the fact that it has provided education for Alexandra families for over 150 years, initially being established as a District High School. We are now educating third and fourth generations from some families.

My pathway to the future

'A time to learn'

Our Beliefs

We believe that education throughout life (lifelong learning) is developed from the foundation of four pillars: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be and Learning to Live Together (UNESCO Pillars of Learning). These also link directly to the NZC vision for children being confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. These have been represented for our staff, children, parents and community in the following ways:

Our Learners - Lifelong Learners

Learning to Know: Developing essential knowledge

Our Way

Learning to Do: Developing essential skills

Our People - Confident

Learning to Be: Developing essential intra personal capabilities

Our Pace - Actively involved

Learning to Live together: Participating in a range of life contexts