Our Vision, Values and strategic goals

our school vision is "Deep learning in a safe and diverse environment where everyone belongs."

Our values are:



Ready to Learn

We have Maori interpretations of these values, so we can understand and demonstrate these values in a deeper sense.

Whanonga pono o Alexandra Primary:


Manaakitanga: hospitality, kindness, generosity, support - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others.

“Our kura is a place where everybody and anybody who attends, visits, works here feels a true sense of place and belonging.”


Kaitiakitanga: guardianship, stewardship, trusteeship, trustee.

Kaitiaki: trustee, minder, guard, custodian, guardian, caregiver, keeper, steward

“Taking care of our kura, classroom, environment / nature, community, peers, kaiako, selves...Te Ao!”

Whakatau te wairua

Whakatau: to decide, settle, prepare, determine, arbitrate, adjudicate.

Wairua: spirit, soul - spirit of a person which exists beyond death. It is the non-physical spirit, distinct from the body and the mauri. To some, the wairua resides in the heart or mind of someone while others believe it is part of the whole person and is not located at any particular part of the body.

“When our inner self is settled / prepared, we can fully engage and enjoy our learning.”

Strategic Goals

Under our 2019-2021 School Charter we have six strategic goals:

Goal 1: Student Success - We empower each other

Goal 2: Leading Learning - We inspire each other

Goal 3: Relationships - We nurture each other

Goal 4: Research and Development - We always learn - unlearn - relearn

Goal 5: Cultural Competency - To provide inclusive and productive learning environments for diverse students

Goal 6: Property - To provide an environment conducive to effective learning

Click here to view our School Charter and Annual Plan, and six strategic goals.