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Mata-Au te Mauri - Term 1, 2021

Mata-Au te Mauri Hub had a blast today exploring our local environment. The first stop was Butcher’s Dam, followed by Mitchell’s Cottage and finally up to the top of Kōpuwai where we nearly got blown off the hill! Some students delivered their pepeha, standing on their special maunga (mountain).

Special thanks to the parents and grandad who drove us safely there and back in their 4WDs.

We highly recommend getting out and about and enjoying what our local landmarks have to offer.

Butcher's Dam - don't look down!

Learning about the history at Butcher's Dam.

Kōpuwai towering over Mata-Au Te Mauri kids. Pretty impressive rock at 26m tall.

Connecting with nature - Term 1, 2021

These students found a Monarch butterfly before school this morning. We watched it shiver its wings to warm its muscles. Kingsley said "It's wonderful!" Did you know that Monarch butterflies have a lifespan of 60-70 days during the summer, but it can extend its lifespan to 6-7 months if it pupates in Autumn. We hope the monarch we met survives this long.

Fundraiser for Apanui School - Term 1, 2021

Some Year 7 students organised a saveloy fundraiser for Apanui School in Whakatanē, following the fire that destroyed most of its buildings. Our new Year 7 student Ruhan attended Apanui School before his family moved to Alexandra. Thank you for your organisation Year 7! A big thanks also to the Alexandra Four Square for donating the bread and Sausage Alley for donating the saveloys : )

Kaitiakitanga - Term 3, 2020

Room 1 & 2 students have been thinking of ways to enhance our school environment. The Enviroschools group has been working hard, sweeping our classroom bays and paths, picking up rubbish, sorting PE gear and planting lavender. We really appreciate the mahi you have been doing!

Feed Our Whānau - Terms 3 & 4, 2020

APS initiated 'Feed Our Whānau' following the COVID-19 Lockdown. Every week on a Friday a passionate team of parents create and serve lunches for every student at APS. This initiative will continue for the remainder of 2020.

Kapahaka - Term 3, 2020

While Whaea Mary-Anne is away we will be working with Whaea Delyn and a group of Year 10 students from Dunstan High School. Whaea Grace is also helping us to continue our growth in kapahaka.