our Kaimahi / Staff

Junior Hub

Te Pā Maioha - Years 0-3

Our Junior Hub consists of a Year 0-1 class, a Year 1 class, a Year 1-2 class and a Year 2-3 class. Literacy and Numeracy are key focus areas. Teachers are also passionate about creating deep learning through the vehicles of curiosity, exploration and action.

Kylie Nixon (Team Leader and Deputy Principal) - kylien@alexprim.school.nz (Year 3)

Rachel Hope - rachelh@alexprim.school.nz (Year 3)

Jayne Battrick - jayneb@alexprim.school.nz (Year 1/2)

Alissa Tosswill- alissat@alexprim.school.nz (Year 1/2)

Vicki Sanders - vickis@alexprim.school.nz (Year 0-1)

Senior hub

Mata-au te Mauri - Years 4-8

The senior hub consists of two Year 4-5 classes, a Year 6 class and a Year 7-8 class.

Teachers (kaiako) work collaboratively to plan for and provide learning environments that foster leadership, grow skills and competencies, and provide opportunities for our Y8 senior students' transition to high school.

Rachel O'Connell (Team leader) - rachelo@alexprim.school.nz (Year 7/8)

Claire Welch - clairew@alexprim.school.nz (Year 7/8)

Lexie Hay - lexieh@alexprim.school.nz (Year 6)

Brittney Townsend - brittneyt@alexprim.school.nz (Year 4/5)

Beth Hamilton - bethh@alexprim.school.nz (Year 4/5)


Lisa Foggin (Special Education Needs Coordinator) - lisaf@alexprim.school.nz

Ginny Cowie (Learning Support Coordinator) - ginnyc@alexprim.school.nz

Support Staff

Faye Wilson (Office Administrator) - admin@alexprim.school.nz

Leigh Webster (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - leighw@alexprim.school.nz

Charlize Soukup (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - charlizes@alexprim.school.nz

Latrice Davis (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - latriced@alexprim.school.nz

Katie Miller (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - katiem@alexprim.school.nz

Jackie Clark (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - jackiec@alexprim.school.nz

Rebecca Scott (Kaiāwhina / Teacher Aide) - rebeccas@alexprim.school.nz

Kelvin Robertson (Kaitiaki / Caretaker) - kelvin@alexprim.school.nz

Dani Dunn (Kaitiaki / Gardener) - danid@alexprim.school.nz


Fiona (Fi) Mackley - principal@alexprim.school.nz

Fi is passionate about our APS learners having opportunities that allow them to use their strengths in order to develop in other areas. Connecting with our natural environment and working with our community experts is also a priority.